Part 1- Lydia Hoza

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To the citizens of Cleveland County:

Let me tell you about the latest addition to the Cleveland County Prosecutor’s Office. Her name is Lydia Hoza. She was formally with the law firm of, Deaton, Biggers & Hoza.

Shortly after I was arrested in Cleveland County in August of 2011, I hired Hoza to represent me and paid her $5000 for her services. I was also charged in Gaston County. I paid her another $5000 to represent me in Gaston County. In 2012, I paid Hoza $5000 to file a law suit against the city of Shelby. Later that year, she resigned from my case and went to work for the Cleveland County Prosecutor’s Office. At that time, Hoza told me that she had earned my money. I disagree. For that reason, I declare the following about her. I have been told by other attorneys, even one judge, not to do this that it will release her from attorney-client privilege. I no longer care. Let her do her damndest.

Hoza, not long after I hired you to defend me against the bribery charges, we were sitting in your office during a meeting and you told me that you had once dumped a young man to the prosecutor’s office, because in your words, “They wanted him real bad, and he was not a good person.” At the time, we had been discussing my distrust of attorneys in general. You told me how bad you felt for having done this.

As soon as I arrived home, I informed my wife about what you had told me. My wife’s immediate reaction was, “Fire her and find another attorney.” The only reason she would tell you something like that, is to make you trust her. Damn, I wish I had listened to my wife.

I know you filed the law suit against the city of Shelby because I saw the paper work on it. However, it was quietly dropped. I am not positive, but I believe this was about the same time you started negotiations to go to work for the Cleveland County Prosecutor’s Office. Coincidence? I believe any check of the records of this law suit will show that you dumped me Hoza.

I have several questions for you, Hoza. You don’t need to answer, as I believe the questions provide their own answers.

What did you receive for dumping that young man to the Prosecutor’s Office? Better plea bargains? More appointments as a court appointed attorney?

Where is that young man now?

Did he go to prison?

Who was this “prosecutor”?

Do you think this prosecutor has made this same deal with any other attorneys?

Did you trade me for the job with the prosecutor’s office?

Since you now work for the prosecutor’s office, do you think you can convince them to bring me to trial, Ms. Hoza?

Hoza,since I wrote the above letter I have received absolute proof that my suspicions about you dumping me in the lawsuit against the Cleveland County prosecutors office were absolutely correct.That you would have the nerve to cancel a hearing in this lawsuit without my knowledge or consent astounds me.That you would have the nerve to cancel the lawsuit against the prosecutors office without my knowledge or consent leaves me more puzzled than astonished.How do you expect to get away with this?The hearing was scheduled for the twenty ninth of July, 2012.You cancellel both the hearing and the lawsuit on the twenty seventh of July.Did this have anything to do with the fact that at that time you were negotiating with the prosecutors office for a job?Was I part of the negotiations?If what you did to me there is not a conflict of interest then there is no such thing.I have dealt with crooked cops and lawyers before,Hoza,but you take the cake and eat it too.The day you resigned from my case you had the nerve to walk back to me and ask if I had hired another attorney.Listen to me,Hoza.No lying,thieving,crooked attorney will ever spend another dime of my money.What little I have left after dealing with the thugs at the courthouse and the police departments in Cleveland County will be spent by my wife and daughter.

Fitch,Norman,Gordon,and Daly,you are next.I may even start to enjoy this.Remember,all I want is to be brought to trial.


Artie Stevenson Smith


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