Part 7- Cleveland County Prosecutors’s Office

Cleveland County Prosecutors Office:
There is nothing worse for the justice system than when a bunch of thugs have taken over that office as they have in Cleveland County. They have the power necessary to completely subvert anything remotely resembling truth or justice. A crooked prosecutor has the ability to blackmail attorneys, and to completely control the entire system through the use of the trial calendar.
Let me explain.
Almost all of an attorneys money is made through plea bargains. A good attorney depends on at least 90 to 95% of his income to come by way of plea bargains. If a district attorney decides that an attorney will no longer receive good plea bargains ,his clients will refuse that plea bargain and force a trial. A reasonable trial with witnesses can last several days. If there are enough witnesses a trial can last several weeks. Think of how much money an attorney loses by being forced to go to trial. If, as they do in Cleveland County, a prosecutor decides to use that power, a defendant who has an actual defense has no chance. A prosecutor can use their power to tell that defendants attorney that he has a choice. Either dump that defendant or face the consequences. No more good plea bargains. Trials that take forever as the prosecutor maneuvers both the trial calendar and witnesses. Worse, they can use the trial calendar to completely prevent a defendant from coming to trial.
I do not usually give advice to God. I do not have enough arrogance to assume that he would listen to me. However, I do have a suggestion for him. He should reach down his mighty hand and very tenderly pick up 100 Justice place in Shelby, North Carolina. Wipe his ass with it and flush it. Close the lid so not even the odor escapes.

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