Part 11 – Civil Case

Tomorrow I go for a hearing to set a trial date for the civil hearing in Cleveland County. I have no idea why I continue to fight this bunch of devious crooks. At the end of this fight I can now foresee only one outcome. I cannot fight the entire system on my own and win. Let me list what I am fighting, as much for my own viewing as for anyone else who might read this. If you care to, you can guess the odds on my surviving this without spending the rest of my life in prison. At this date I would put my chances at about 1 in 50. I don’t like those odds very much.

Lydia Hoza, I cannot put all the blame for this at your door. However, I do want you to know that you are the most devious woman I have ever met. I have met prostitutes with more pride and junkies who were more honest. Let me tell you your latest move that I just caught on to, you sneaking piece of trash. When you took the voluntary dismissal of the lawsuit I paid you 5000 dollars to file against that crook, Schaffer, you knew the primary reason I filed it was to protect my son. He was charged with a felony in Cleveland County and we both know what a felony charge can do. We both knew that Schaffer would not bring him to trial because this was a completely false charge. The only way the prosecutor could have gotten this indictment was to have lied to the Grand Jury that handed down this indictment. With this lawsuit I could force Schaffer to present probable cause to a judge. We both knew he could not do this, as the charge was completely false.

This hearing was scheduled for July 29th, 2012. On July 27th, you cancelled both the hearing and the lawsuit against Schaffer without informing me of either. We both know I would never have consented to this. Damn you Hoza. Let me go on. This hearing and this lawsuit were the only reason I paid you that much money. Was the job as an Assistant District Attorney that important to you? Was the only way you could get that job to double cross me? Getting back to how devious you are. You filed that dismissal under Rule 41 of the Rules of Civil Procedure of the State of North Carolina. Under that rule, I cannot refile that lawsuit after a year. Also under that rule, I can be forced to pay Schaffer’s legal expenses. That will be a cold day in hell, Hoza.

You went to work for the District Attorneys Office in January of 2013. You did not withdraw from this civil suit until July of 2013. That was to keep me from finding out what you had done until it was too late for me to refile against Schaffer. What is the use now? Just like I knew, my son has now been under this charge for more than seventeen months and no trial is even scheduled. I go before Judge Bridges tomorrow. I do not know all the rules of procedure I will have follow. If I am allowed to, I will tell him what you have done. If I am not allowed to tomorrow because of some procedural rule rest assured that sooner rather than later I will inform a superior court judge what you have done.

Did not get the previous letter posted yesterday. I finished too late last night and had no one to help me. Not my fault. This computer is too dumb to do what I tell it to. Went before Judge Forrest Bridges today. He is one more scary individual when you do not know exactly what you are doing. He listened to me ramble, then gave me exactly what I wanted. I was so nervous I did not realize what he had done. He gave me a court date of 11/18/2013. Excellent. When he asked me if that was quick enough I answered No, Your honor. He could not possibly have done any better for me but my feeble brain had shut down completely. You two conspirators can get ready, Schaffer and Hoza. You will both be subpoenaed to this hearing. I have some questions I wish to ask.

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